Agile Management of a Modern GIS

You get hired as an analyst. Maybe you even get promoted to lead GIS activities or manage people. But did you ever get trained to manage a GIS using modern architecture? This class saves you time with 10 document templates to do this successfully within the evolving tech landscape.



Don’t settle for training that’s driven by people who don’t run projects.

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Agile Management of a Modern GIS

Join this class to access 10 lessons that give you the ability to manage a GIS using modern techniques.

Go team

(aka Assembling a Dynamic GIS Team)

Pull new players into the game

(aka Develop a RACI matrix to define collaboration)

Show what you have

(aka Diagram your architecture)

Go hunting

(aka Find and manage clients)

Build stuff that works

(aka The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC))

The Gap

(aka The difference between current and future capabilities)

Rinse and repeat

(aka Define your SOPs)

Low friction collection

(aka A field to database workflow)

Get buy in

(aka Present GIS solutions to your clients)

Its cheap

(aka Present a cost recovery model)

You also get access to these bonuses

Bonus 1:

A template GIS architectural diagram

Value $99


Bonus 2:

A template field to cloud database workflow

Value $129


Bonus 3:

A template cost recovery model

Value $299


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A common GIS education path has been to pursue a Masters program in GIS. But it’s widely known in the industry that new geography grads are not getting enough exposure to cloud, mobile, and new geospatial programming environments.

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Applied tasks using data and GIS software

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Project sign off and college certification


The ‘Big 3’ skills you will get from this class…

With these skills you’ll be able to improve the efficiency of your current GIS team and establish known value to your GIS operations.

Make your team more productive

Hire talent and make them accessible and accountable.

Serve more clients

Show how your architecture is a vehicle for better decision making.

Show your GIS services are worth the investment

You will generate a cost recovery model.


About the Instructor


Nicole Peace has worked in the GIS industry for over 15 years as a consultant, team leader and dedicated enterprise GIS strategist. She has successfully setup enterprise GIS architecture, database design, and geospatial production environments, while managing diverse teams of application specialists and client demands.  She continues to serve in volunteering roles for the GIS in the Rockies Conference Planning Committee and GeoMentor Program. In 2019, Nicole founded GIS Peace providing geospatial data management services to effectively solve problems across multidisciplinary markets, improve GIS capabilities and advance technologic growth.

  • Why my course is useful

    Buying and installing a piece of software, or making an individual map, is not the definition of a functioning GIS anymore with the advent of cloud computing and web services. This class conveys how enterprise applications must consider more than out of the box Esri tools and must look at integration opportunities with other software applications and other stakeholders.

  • Why I built it

    I built it for the same reason I started my own consulting company. I could see that so much time is wasted in poor decisions about software choices, procedures, and staff responsibilities. I decided I would have more liberty to offer a voice with a practical approach. And this voice has materialized in this class to teach practically and candidly about best GIS management practices.

  • What I hope for you

    Don’t walk out of a GIS meeting unless everyone knows what they need to do and when it should be accomplished. Part of this is a cultural shift in your team dynamics. If you have this, then you can seek and handle technical integration challenges. The second part of my mindset is be proactive to find good work to do and design a way to make it happen. Get out of the cube!


Agile Management of a Modern GIS

Who is this class for?

The GIS industry is projected to be worth $18B by 2023. Despite this massive growth in new applications, there hasn’t been a single place for all of us to quickly learn tried and true skills from successful Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Until Now! The people that purchase this course are:

  • College students and graduates looking to get fast track industry insights

  • Government professionals looking to retrain themselves and remain relevant

  • Corporate professionals looking to maintain a competitive advantage with relevant projects.


Talk to us and we’ll figure out your best path into the industry by suggesting project managers, companies, networks, and a GIS job recruiter. It's simply the best GIS career advisement in the world.