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Are GIS bootcamps right for me?

Bootcamp education is on the rise

Why choose a certificate in GIS online over a traditional college education? The answer is simple. Online GIS programs offer a tailored education based on your needs that can be completed for a fraction of the cost in a fraction of the time. The biggest drivers of bootcamps are their low cost and flexible scheduling. Now is the perfect time to be a part of bootcamps as they are becoming more and more widely accepted by employers. 84% of HR managers think bootcamp grads would be just as likely if not more likely than CS majors to be high performers. Bootcamp GIS is the only geospatial oriented bootcamp that is teaching real skills by real practitioners. Not only is Bootcamp education on the rise, the GIS industry is rapidly growing.  Getting the right skills and performing timely networking can position you for attractive GIS salaries with room for promotion.

Taught by practitioner educators

Bootcamps are not like traditional college classes. Instructors have a different motivation than academics who are trying to publish and win grants.  Rather they are people who have worked in industry and genuinely want to pass on their project experience. They teach relevant information that will actually help you in your future jobs rather than general information that you’ll forget in a week. Bootcamp GIS course instructors are encouraged to convey their industry stories through their lectures and demos.

Student centered learning that’s more flexible

Bootcamps typically have more frequent start times than regular college courses. Many are asynchronous which lets the student start as soon as they want to. Compare this to the common college Spring application period with acceptance giving you the opportunity to start school 5 months later. Another student centered benefit is that they are much more affordable. This is beneficial for those avoiding a 4 year degree or those that want to hone their skills after college. Bootcamps usually run from 6-9 months in length thereby making efficient use of a person’s time. At Bootcamp GIS you can get a certificate in 6 months by completing 6 project based courses of your choice.

Choose the GIS bootcamp that helps you get a job

Unlike the college career services center, bootcamp instructors are already in the private sector with connections to hiring organizations. They are able to help you with career advice as they have either navigated through the job search process or may be in a hiring position with companies looking for people with technical skills. They also have extensive networks to give you access to more private opportunities. Bootcamp GIS instructors have over 300 years of cumulative industry experience and are eager to share their paths of success. If you want more information on how to choose the best GIS bootcamp, see a rating of the top 10 GIS certificate programs.

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