Best paid tech jobs

Best paid tech jobs that you should know about

As proven by the consistent rise of Nasdaq above its competitor indices, technology is becoming one of the most steadily growing sectors. The recent pandemic has contributed to an accelerated digitalization of business which shows no sign of slowing. Companies from every sector are creating openings for tech professionals to fulfill their needs. Here are some of the best paid tech jobs that you should know about.

Software Developer: App Wizard

It should be no surprise that software development tops the list of technology jobs. Boasting only a 1.4% unemployment rate, software developers are able to find meaningful and enlightening jobs in any industry. In the age of the internet, our daily lives are littered with traces of software developers. Every app on our smartphones and programs on our computers can be accredited to their work. The importance of software development in the near future cannot be stressed enough. As one of the less interpersonal professions, software developers can expect to continue earning sizable salaries even after pandemic restrictions are lifted. The flexibility of remote work, variety of applications, and growing median salary of 6 figures makes software development one of the highest paying tech jobs.

Data Scientist: Big Data Guru

A stream of data is constantly collected with each interaction that we make. Due to the sheer power of its data analytics, Google Search intelligently fills in the remainder of your search as it predicts what you are searching for based on behaviors of other people like you. As we shift ever more towards a consumer based economy, companies which predict consumer behavior will have a clear edge over their competitors. A data scientist’s role is to employ their statistical, mathematical, and analytical skills to process data and make the correct interpretations. Entry level positions with less than 1 year of experience can easily pay 6 figures. An overwhelming majority of companies are investing in big data to support and enhance their growth models. Data scientists can expect to find high paying and purposeful work with ease.

AI Engineer: Robot Master

Artificial intelligence engineers are specialized in applying mathematics and statistics to develop and refine machine learning models. AI is ever growing in a multitude of fields, from analyzing customer behaviors to reducing the cost of prescription drugs. Using their strong background in mathematics, AI engineers write algorithms in popular languages such as Python and R. One of the most exciting and promising results of artificial intelligence is the development of self-driving cars. AI technology has the potential to change vast sectors of our lives, from automatic warehouses to synthetic human brains. The average salary of an AI engineer ranges up to 6 figures, varying with location and experience. As a relatively new niche, AI engineers can possess a variety of backgrounds as long as they have the necessary analytical skills.

GIS Developer: Mapping Architect

Geographic Information Systems (GIS), is one of the fastest growing tech fields. With a compound annual growth rate of 12.4%, GIS related work can be expected to be one of the highest paying tech jobs. Geoprocessing technology is constantly being integrated with large, mainstream businesses to gather intelligence. The growth of apps such as Uber, Grubhub, and Doordash speaks volumes about the rise of GIS. This past year, GIS jobs have become increasingly relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic as worldwide death tolls were illustrated by the Johns Hopkins COVID map and vaccination rollout plans were planned by Walgreens GIS staff. These jobs can pay up to 6 figures and are expected to grow significantly in the near future. The skills required for this field may be obtained from the comfort of your own home through an online GIS certificate.

As one of the fastest growing sectors, technology skills are a safe investment of your time. Many of these skills can be learned at your own pace, on your own terms through online bootcamps. Even if the technology sector is not for you, technological skills are in demand in a variety of industries. With diverse, high paying options for employment, technology jobs are sure to grow in the near future. You can expect to develop existing skills and immerse yourself in new ones as this booming industry develops.

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