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Best technical certifications to make a career change (2021)

Are you tired of your current job? Did you get a degree in something you thought you were interested in, but it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to? And worse yet, does it seem too late to start over again? 

Well, don’t worry! With even the simplest background in tech, you can get these amazing technical certificates, using various technical certification programs. They will help you take the first crucial steps towards a career change into any field, whether it be as an educator at Google with a Google Education Certification, or as a GIS analyst making and coding maps.

Bootcamp GIS mapping certificate

Bootcamp GIS is the #1 GIS Science certificate in the field of GIS software, or Geographic Information Systems applications. This software is used everywhere, although you might not know it. It’s used to store, process, and present spatial data. We see some things on Google Earth, but there is so much more geographic data that is managed in government and commercial systems. For instance, Starbucks has the task to geographically analyze where its next stores should be located. Find out if GIS bootcamps are right for you.

The GIS field is growing fast, as more and more sectors like forestry, disease control, and business have begun to rely on such software. Most industry project managers report a need for talent to learn the latest GIS system architecture.  The highest paying gis jobs can earn upwards of $100,000 annually, according to Payscale. It’s a learnable field and a great opportunity for upward mobility.  You can learn all of these skills with an applied GIS Certificate that teaches you through project-based courses.  Other software-focused courses can be found with Esri.

Microsoft 365 certification

As the realm of customer service keeps evolving, the days of large ledger books and flipping through hundreds of pages are long gone. Nowadays, if a business hopes to keep track of its customers, it will likely use something called CRM software, or Customer Relationship Management software. This is software used to keep track of customers and their demands, particularly those of frequent or periodic customers. 

Microsoft 365 is one of the most used CRM software out there, and as such, has a lot of marketability. The average CRM senior advisor can earn around $97,000, a role that can be attained within a few years, while a beginner manager might earn $67,000 annually. This is perfect for you if you have experience in both tech and customer service/finance.

You can gain Microsoft 365 Certification through exams available on the Microsoft 365 website, while there are many courses available to teach the basics.

Google education certification

If you have a background in education as well as an interest in tech, you might be interested in the Google Education Certification. This is a certification that you know how to utilize Google in the classroom, including Slides, Docs, and much more. In this age, where computers are everywhere in the classroom, Google education certifications are highly sought after.

Once you become a Google certified educator, the possibilities are endless, and the average salary of those with this certification is $68,000, according to Ziprecruiter. 

These certifications can take a bit of time, with a level 2 certification requiring around 22 hours of training in total. But above this, you can advance to become a Google Certified Trainer, which entails a lot more responsibility, and to Google Certified Innovator, who think ahead for the next generation of educational technology.

AWS cloud certificate

AWS, or Amazon Web Services Certification, is a certification given as proof that you are familiar with the various cloud services that are available, like data storage. As all of these services are available with Amazon, it is a useful skill for companies to have. Thus, it is currently in demand.

The usage of Amazon cloud services requires familiarity with the user interface, and that can take years to master, even if you study intensely. Therefore, if you want to go down this path, you might want to consider it carefully.

However, if you manage to do this, it will be well worth it, as an AWS-certified developer can earn $130,000 annually, according to Global Knowledge.

General Assembly digital marketing certificate

Effective digital marketing can be the difference between selling or not selling your products.  Most companies have realized that they need employees who are skilled in recent methods which continually evolve. Digital marketing makes use of social media channels, search engine optimization, graphic design, and user behavior tracking. If you are in business or currently getting your business degree, then it’s likely you will still need to learn these techniques. 

General Assembly’s Digital marketing certification is one of the most popular ones, and it can be the career change you’ve been looking for. Even entry-level employees with such certifications can earn $55,000 annually, and this is with a course that is around 10 weeks in length.

Trilogy Education coding certificate

Trilogy Education’s coding certification is perfect if you wish to learn all about code, combining aspects of front-end and back-end development in order to improve your skillset. Additionally, you’ll be specialized in any number of fields, ranging from data analysis to cybersecurity. All of these options give you multiple choices for what career path you wish to pursue.

It’s reported that there are 4 times more software developer jobs available in the United States than available developers. Trilogy is unique on this list as it provides a wide range of topics to choose from, and does not specialize in any one thing, and so starting salaries can range from anywhere between $60,000 to over $100,000 a year.

So there you have it! The best career-changing certifications for 2021! We are in a new paradigm of learning where we no longer get a degree and stop taking classes.  With tech, you should constantly be learning new things.  Once you take one certificate, plan the next one.  All of these certificates will keep you relevant and ahead of the pack.


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