Turn your spatial idea into a successful startup

Do you have an idea for a startup and want to know how to determine if its a viable business? This class is for those that want to use simple business building templates to save time and money while maintaining your sanity.



Don’t settle for training that’s driven by people who don’t run projects.

When you learn from a Bootcamp GIS expert you get:

Technical experience

Industry insights

Professional network


Geospatial Startup

Join Geospatial Startup and get access to 9 business startup modules that lead you to create your GIS startup in 4 weeks.

Create a GIS MVP

(aka How will you create a Minimum Viable Product)

Research the market

(aka Know the need and possible competitors)

Become Agile

(aka Learn the Agile Development method)

Build a Financial Model

aka Calculate your predicted expenditures and earnings over time

Choose your Channels

(aka What channels will customers find you)

Startup your Tribe

(aka Surrounding yourself with advisors and loyal followers)

Show me the money

(aka Locate funding sources)

Time to Fly

(aka Layout a pilot project)

Pitch Away

(aka Create a pitch presentation deck)

You also get access to these bonuses

Bonus 1:

Guide: 10 tips to maximize agile development

value $79

Bonus 2:

Guide to implementing UTM web tracking codes

value $129

Bonus 3:

A killer looking pitchdeck style template

value $199

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A common GIS education path has been to pursue a Masters program in GIS. But it’s widely known in the industry that new geography grads are not getting enough exposure to cloud, mobile, and new geospatial programming environments.

So we assembled a world class team to teach you how to be the talent that the geospatial industry WILL HIRE. Compare the experience of our industry instructors and you’ll see why we top the list of best online GIS certificate programs.

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Video Demos

Narrated industry stories and software demos


Applied tasks using data and GIS software

Instructor Access

Instructor review and feedback on deliverables


Project sign off and college certification


What can you achieve with these startup skills?

With these proven methods, you will start off one complete year ahead of other new founders that try to figure this out on their own.

Financial Model

You will build a financial model to determine the viability of your startup.

Pitch Deck

You will build a pitch deck to describe your solution simply and professionally

Funding Pipeline

You will learn to hunt for investors to develop a funding pipeline


About the Instructor


Andres has 26 years experience as a GIS consultant to agencies like: BLM, USFWS, USFS, BIA, NAVFAC and USMC. As a private consultant he looks to innovate in a variety of GIS, GPS, and Image Processing, and Web software to bring the best solution to clients. He has been a startup builder, presenter, and advisor within several programs run by Google, AWS, NYU, and UCSD. He has passionately contributed to the technical innovation space in presentations in New York, San Francisco, Beijing, Shanghai, Boston, San Diego, and DC.

Outside of the startup world you’ll see Andres on the tennis court or throwing a fly in any trout fishing river he can find.

  • Why my course is useful

    Please don’t pursue a startup without the use of this class or one similar. Most startups die due to lack of execution that end up costing you too much time or money resulting in an aborted launch.

  • Why I built it

    I made many mistakes in my first startup that I’d like to make sure that you avoid. Having gone through the startup process a few times, I have the benefit of a lot of hindsight that will help others have a better chance for success.

  • What I hope for you

    The world needs lots of good GIS implementations rather than lots of software. In order to realize the promise of GIS science, I hope that you can become one of those impactful solutions by using the execution steps I have provided. Good luck!


Geospatial Startup

Who is this class for?

The GIS industry is projected to be worth $18B by 2023. Despite this massive growth in new applications, there hasn’t been a single place for all of us to quickly learn tried and true skills from successful Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Until Now! The people that purchase this course are:

  • College students and graduates looking to get fast track industry insights

  • Government professionals looking to retrain themselves and remain relevant

  • Corporate professionals looking to maintain a competitive advantage with relevant projects


Talk to us and we’ll figure out your best path into the industry by suggesting project managers, companies, networks, and a GIS job recruiter. It's simply the best GIS career advisement in the world.