Using GIS Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) to validate your project

Sustainable development projects are becoming more stakeholder centric and measuring impact to validate where purpose meets profit. Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is critical for organizations to answer “What are we doing?” , ”Are we doing it well?”, and “Where is the overall impact?” This course will help you analyze combinations of mapped variables to drive improved outcomes.



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Using GIS Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) to validate your project

Join this class to access 10 lessons that give you the ability to use GIS M&E to prove the efficacy of your project.

Validate it

(aka Understand the M&E project cycle)

Who wins?

(aka Identify key stakeholders)

Where do we want to be?

(aka Define your program pathway)

Numbers make a difference

(aka Setup results based metrics)

Mission possible

(aka Define your program missions)


(aka Align yourself to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals)

Measure everything

(aka Design data collection tools)

Good data is essential

(aka Manage your data)

The analysis

(aka GIS and tabular analysis to create graphics)

Open the Curtain

(aka Present maps and infographics to show what's working)

You also get access to these bonuses

Bonus 1:

Project metrics list

Value $99


Bonus 2:

A template stakeholder survey

Value $159


Bonus 3:

An infographic template

Value $199


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What can you achieve with these GIS M&E skills?

With these skills you’ll be able to use GIS to measure and prove investment value for a sustainable development project.

Execute the M&E project cycle

You will walk through each step of the Monitoring & Evaluation project cycle.

Define results based metrics

You will examine a project and define the metrics that prove value..

Present GIS analysis and graphics

You will use Survey123 and ArcGIS Pro to collect data, analyze data, and produce maps.


About the Instructor

Valrie Grant is the founder and Managing Director of GeoTechVision, a provider of customized services and data-driven solutions to governments, NGOs and corporate entities. Valrie is passionate about Technology and Entrepreneurship and relishes every opportunity to mentor women entrepreneurs and young people. She sits on committees such as the World Geospatial Industry Council (WGIC) and the United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM): Americas Private Sector Network. She holds an MSc. in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the Environment from the Manchester Metropolitan University.

  • Why my course is useful

    There are many large IT/Engineering/GIS projects that get funded and implemented, but no one has any idea if the resulting product was worth the cost. Every project should have the M&E process applied to it so you can 1) Request more investment for those that are working, 2) Adjust elements of a project that could be better, or 3) Maybe even abandon a project to productively place investment elsewhere.

  • Why I built it

    I've had a lot of experience with NGOs as I sit on the boards of World Geospatial Industry Council (WGIC) and the United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM). And I find that many of the proposed projects are missing key business oversight. How I got into M&E was through requests by organizations that were asking for my help with metrics. So I leaned on my GIS experience to show the value of where things were happening. This course should be a natural extension to any GIS analyst's duties.

  • What I hope for you

    I hope you see that making a map of where things are is not as valuable as generating additional metrics to determine project validation and worth. This is an underlying principal for the innovation and the NGO sectors that fight hard for funding. I hope M&E becomes part of your standard process so that your organization comes to you before every funding request to get your insights.



Using GIS Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) to validate your project

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