Define a GIS Framework that Supports your Strategic Plan

Every large organization goes through a periodic financial assessment or strategic plan which requires a ton of focus and vision for managers. This course arms GIS/IT managers and architects with planning templates to showcase the value of your GIS and contribute smartly to your long term plans. Prerequisite: Working in an organization or ability to interview professionals to lay out a plan



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Define a GIS Framework that Supports your Strategic Plan

Join this class to access 10 lessons that give you the ability to support a GIS strategic plan.

What IT stuff do we have

(aka ITIL questions, service strategy, and asset types)

Match game

(aka Matching business objectives to ITIL assets)

A stellar GIS team

(aka The 5 pillars of location intelligence)

Make your data behave

(aka Establish the patterns of use within data themes)

Who stands to gain

(aka Planning to engage your stakeholders)

The Gap

(aka The difference between current and future capabilities)

Get out the calculator

(aka Measure the GIS benefits)

Who’s responsible

(aka Develop a RACI Matrix)

I need service

(aka Create a service design package)

The plan to feed everyone

(aka Present a collated service strategy)

You also get access to these bonuses

Bonus 1:

A template SWOT worksheet

value $199

Bonus 2:

A template RACI matrix

value $299

Bonus 3:

A template Service Design Diagram

value $399

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What can you achieve with these GIS Strategic Plan skills?

With these skills you’ll be able to lead your organization with documented deliverables demonstrating a strategic vision for any large scale enterprise GIS.

Generate a GAP analysis

You will inventory your current IT assets and quantify future needs.

Define a service strategy

You will define who needs service and how you’ll get it to them.

Demonstrate an informed and defensible GIS framework

You will generate and present your collated strategy.


About the Instructor


Nathan Heazlewood is responsible for managing the Business Consultancy Practice at Eagle Technology Group based in Auckland, New Zealand. Eagle Technology provides a full range of GIS services which includes strategic services tailored specifically to the geospatial activities of a wide variety of clients. Nathan has had a highly successful 25 year career in technology working in many countries around the world (primarily New Zealand, UK, Portugal, and Germany. He has worked in a wide variety of different industries including defense, local government, central government, and aerial surveying.

  • Why my course is useful

    Almost every organization has a GIS. And all large organizations develop strategic plans. This class is needed to help GIS Architects and GIS Managers have the appropriate voice to describe how their GIS will provide essential service in a strategic plan.

  • Why I built it

    It’s a funny thing that to get to my position, I got a PhD from the ‘College of Hard Lessons’. There’s no adequate course to train GIS and IT managers on how to be a forward thinking strategist. Many of us analysts wind up here but then have to act on instinct. After thinking about this need for a long time, I wanted to go beyond my Powerpoints and truly demonstrate how to proactively develop your GIS strategic plans.

  • What I hope for you

    I hope you dig in and use these strategies. These are credible approaches that will allow you to demonstrate technical thought leadership rather than just GIS or soft skills. Let’s get more of us sitting at the executive table along with the rest of the leadership!


Define a GIS Framework that Supports your Strategic Plan

Who is this class for?

The GIS industry is projected to be worth $18B by 2023. Despite this massive growth in new applications, there hasn’t been a single place for all of us to quickly learn tried and true skills from successful Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Until Now! The people that purchase this course are:

  • GIS managers and architects looking to produce a strategic plan

  • IT professionals figuring out how GIS can be co-managed

  • Senior analysts looking to advance into leadership roles

  • Students not employed in an org having access to interview a professional


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