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This GIS professional certification is for current students, new grads, and existing professionals.

It’s designed to help you land the top jobs in the geospatial industry which is growing from $9B/year to $18B/year in the next 6 years. Even if you’re a GIS Analyst or have taken some ESRI online training, you can learn how to be a GIS solutions architect (assess, design, and build).

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Our experts teach complete GIS solutions, not just software. No fake exercises here. We provide the software needed to replicate our demos in our technology sandbox. We will counsel you and help you pick courses that fit YOU.

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Earn your GIS Certificate in 6 months with flexible choice of classes.

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• Knowledge builder- independent learning course
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Narrated industry stories and software demos


Applied tasks using data and GIS software

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Instructor review and feedback on deliverables


Project sign off and college certification

Advisement and networking toward a career in GIS

Since you are working on realistic applied projects, we will ensure that you develop a practical and presentable portfolio. Because our teachers are industry experts, it’s like having multiple GIS internships in 1 year. You will outcompete those having a typical GIS graduate certificate who produce a map of beer pubs, parcels, watersheds, or census stats. And you’ll benefit from the power of our network as you get to know experts working in the GIS industry.


Knowledge Builder classes are asynchronous and can be started anytime. If you have purchased the Certificate Builder class, then you notify us when your project is complete for review and sign off.

If you take our Certificate Builder course, our instructors sign off on all project completions. When you complete any 6 courses, you will receive an Enterprise GIS Professional Certificate.

Accessing your expert instructor gives you added support during your project. Access is available in either the Professional Builder or Certificate Builder courses. You’ll get 2 personal 1:1 sessions to answer your questions and get advice.

All courses come complete with cloud and development environments. Some courses require a special Enterprise Student licensing which is offered here at a cost of $100/year.

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