How to spot top talent when hiring

It’s clear that recruiting and hiring for top employees takes time, can be expensive and at times aggravating for HR teams, and internal recruiters.  Finding and hiring the best people requires a lot of time and multiple resources including expensive advertising and experiencing an overload of unqualified resumes — simply to begin the process.HR personnel are very busy with duties such as compensation planning, benefits planning, and training.  Recruitment is only one of their responsibilities.   Companies need to maintain a budget, and employees need to work.  Combining these all together with the best solution to the usual hiring obstacles, everybody wins.  That’s where finding the best talent as soon as possible is the key to success for hiring.

How Recruiters Help Your Company Succeed In Hiring

Skilled recruiting companies know the difficulties of locating the ideal person for the placement and the company. Their budgets are focused on recruitment as the priority. Even if the candidate is ideal on paper, there are always hidden answers and personal behaviors that recruiting teams need to investigate and examine. Digging deeper, beyond key words and advertised skills required, is the benefit of a professional recruiter.

Employers are now facing the issues of lower unemployment rates across the country in most industries.  This leads to a situation where employees have options and are seeking the best jobs and compensation that they feel appropriate to them and are not reluctant to change jobs.

HR managers value information and resources to locate great candidates to ensure building long-term relationships between the employer and employee.

Define Who Is The Ideal Candidate

Most recruiters start the hiring process with a job description and required qualifications and skills.

Defining an ideal candidate and finding the best candidate to fulfill a position is not just about completing the checkmarks of the job requirement.  The hiring team must meet with the prospects to determine their personalities, how they mesh with the company and ultimately identify the candidates who come closest to the hiring team’s ideal candidate, versus a candidate who simply checks all the boxes. ()

Understand The Details Of The Offered Position

Human Resource teams need to work with department managers to gain a better understanding of the position requirements, so they can narrow the search and applicants quickly in the application and resume review stage.   The HR team should find out about the current situation, what has worked and what has not worked with prior employees filling the position.   They also need to understand where the gaps are and how to fill those gaps to enhance the department’s efforts.

Finding Talent Becomes Easier With A Strategy

The current job market has become more challenging over the last few years.  Employees have become competitive in a full-employment environment.  It is important that HR and administrative teams create a healthy strategy that consists of efficient communication with department managers as well as an ability to identify hard technical skills, as well as, soft interpersonal skills of prospective employees.  Being that we are in the Geospatial industry, we recommend up-skilling with practical and time efficient classes with the GIS online certificate programs offered by Bootcamp GIS.  Once you see the courses, you’ll appreciate how focused they are on real world skills.

Geosearch is a GIS recruiter that works with employers match with the best job seekers to fulfill open positions is the Geospatial Sciences market.

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