Leveraging UAV (drone) Data for Environmental Projects

Do you want to gain field data collection skills within the UAV industry that is rapidly growing to a projected $64B annual spend? This class shows you how to be the Drone/GIS expert and generate value for your environmental projects.



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Leveraging UAV Data for Environmental Projects

Join this class to access to 10 modules that give you the ability to comprehensively execute Environmental UAV missions.

Earn your Wings

(aka Getting your UAV license)

Which Bird?

(aka Evaluate types of UAVs)

Finding the Work

(aka Identifying potential UAV projects)

Mission Planning

(aka Planning your UAV outing)

Taking Off

(aka Flying your UAV mission)

Make the Data Useful

(aka Data downloading and processing)

Identifying Life

(aka Biodiversity within vernal pools)

Is it or Is it Not?

(aka Identifying the vernal pool ponding extents)

Classifying Segments

(aka Image segmentation and classification concepts)

The Environmental Report

(aka Data and analysis that support the report)

You also get access to these bonuses

Bonus 1:

Mission planning prep checklist

value $79

Bonus 2:

List of UAV test prep service

value $99

Bonus 3:

Battery life / flight time matrix

value $149

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What can you achieve with these UAV skills?

With these skills you will be able to collect UAV data and process it for your environmental report.

Get your UAV pilot’s license

We lead you towards preparation, testing, and certification.

Support environmental reporting

You will become essential in all your field projects.

Engage the community

You will classify your imagery for your environmental reports.


About the Instructor


Frank McDermott has 20 years of experience in GIS with the last 16 years focused on the environmental sector. As the GIS/UAV manager for one of the most established environmental consulting firms in the Southwest, Frank has taken the lead on developing creative solutions to support client needs while protecting sensitive resources. He started their UAV program in 2017 shortly after the FAA developed it’s Part 107 commercial UAV licensing program. Since then he has flown over 100 missions for a variety of private and public sector clients.

  • Why my course is useful

    I spent the better part of 2 months assessing technology and trying to figure out the best way to get a license and how to process the data. Once you take this course, you will have a tried and true workflow to plan, fly, and process data collected by your drone for habitat mapping.

  • Why I built it

    For a long time, I wondered about the use of drones as a tool for our environmental GIS program. And once I got my license and started creating value added data for our projects, we saw new opportunities. So I’d like to help others to overcome their technical hesitation and learn the ROI of a good UAS program.

  • What I hope for you

    I hope you can be part of the quickly growing UAV/UAS community. You’ll learn that the UAV is a key piece of hardware to go along with the GPS unit, server, and tablet to support your GIS practice. With better data you can inspire better environmental decisions. And it gets you out of the office for a day!


Leveraging UAV Data for Environmental Projects

Who is this class for?

The GIS industry is projected to be worth $18B by 2023. Despite this massive growth in new applications, there hasn’t been a single place for all of us to quickly learn tried and true skills from successful Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Until Now! The people that purchase this course are:

  • College students and graduates looking to get fast track industry insights

  • Government professionals looking to retrain themselves and remain relevant

  • Corporate professionals looking to maintain a competitive advantage with relevant projects


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