Build a dashboard for a COVID-19 hotline calling system

The COVID-19 pandemic is the most serious health threat of our lifetime. Regional agencies have looked to convey specific types of COVID-19 case data such as the information coming in from hotline calls from the public. This course will teach you how to collect, visualize, and analyze incoming data in a web dashboard. You will be able to know the health-risk levels, travel patterns, contact info, and geospatial distribution of your callers.

 954 students enrolled

  • Learn Esri Survey123 and Dashboards
  • Diagram system architecture components
  • Define COVID -19 risks data schema
  • Address data accuracy and privacy issues
  • Setup a questionnaire tree
  • Design a survey
  • Configure dashboard widgets
  • Establish a 24/7 uptime workflow

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Build a dashboard for a COVID-19 hotline calling system

Join this class to access 10 modules to create a COVID-19 map dashboard.
How it Works

(aka Draw an architecture diagram to understand your system components.)

Hello. Who’s there?

(aka Make a data dictionary that you will use to track calls)

An Easy Survey

(aka Create your smart survey)

Testing. 1,2,3…

(aka Design, publish, and fill out 5 sample surveys)

The map

(aka Create your map and add the data)


(aka Configure map settings)

Dashboard engineering

(aka Create your map dashboard)

Risk Gauges

(aka Create risk level indicator widgets)

Customized widgets

(aka Create caller query indicator widgets)

A real-time workflow

(aka Maintaining mission critical uptime)

You also get access to these bonuses

A template component diagram

Value $99

A template hotline survey tree

Value $159

A COVID-19 data dictionary

Value $199

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What can you achieve with these COVID-19 dashboard skills?

With these skills you’ll be able to coordinate your health and human services stakeholders to define and build your COVID-19 dashboard.
Define data requirements

You will define the data dictionary that meets decision requirements.

Build your hotline survey

Create and test your Survey123 product.

Build your dashboard

Customize your map and widgets.

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About the Instructor


Andrea Befus has over 7 years of experience in GIS and has built over 100 dashboards for government and public consumers. Her passion for geography and problem solving stems from living all over the world in places like Tokyo, Boston, Istanbul, Virginia, Albania and Utah. She graduated with a degree in Geospatial Science & Technology and currently works as a GIS Analyst/Programmer for county government. Andrea loves being creative, eating mac and cheese, and playing with her dog while solving the world’s problems using GIS!


Build a dashboard for a COVID-19 hotline calling system

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Top reviews from Build A Dashboard For A COVID-19 Hotline Calling System
Marina Y   Jan 27, 2023

Andrea, you are a super enthusiastic instructor.

Alec J   Jan 14, 2023

This was the easiest class to complete and I think the instructor could have shown more customization of the widgets beyond the UI tools.

Jerome M   Jan 4, 2023

Making map dashboards was easier than I thought. Gonna keep making some for my volunteer project.

Stan C   Dec 28, 2022

This class was straighforward and I got a kick out of hearing Andrea’s stories from inside the Emergency Operation Center.

Claire V   Nov 9, 2022

My favorite Bootcamp class so far. I’ve got a live link to my dashboard on my LI profile.


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