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With organizations across the globe increasingly relying on location intelligence to make better decisions, the Geographic Information Systems industry is projected to grow from $9 billion to $18 billion in the next 2 years.  With our GIS Bootcamp, you’ll have more choices to find jobs in GIS to perform data workflows, mapping analytics, and cloud applications.

Green Initiatives – Energy Savings – Human Health – Smart Cities – Habitat Protection – National Security – Resource Management



Earn your GIS Certificate in 6 months with flexible choice of classes.

Take the GIS classes you want, when you want, at the price level you want.

• Knowledge builder- independent learning course
• Professional builder- live instructor access
• Certificate builder- college certificate in GIS

Video Demos

Narrated industry stories and software demos


Applied tasks using data and GIS software

Instructor Access

Instructor review and feedback on deliverables


Project sign off and college certification

How it works

Select your 6 course GIS program

(Or just take a single class)

Complete your online GIS projects

Follow our career advisement

Your personalized GIS learning path

Consultation to job-ready in 6 months

Step 1

Free prerequisites

If you are new to GIS, we get you started with easy intro classes.
Step 1

Step 2

Course 1 (Zoom w instructor)

Step 2

Step 3

Geospatial networking

We point you to GIS networks: listen, research, and reach out
Step 3

Step 4

Course 2 (Zoom w instructor)

Step 4

Step 5

Course 3 (Zoom w instructor)

Step 5

Step 6

Course 4 (Zoom w instructor)

Step 6

Step 7

Advisement personal branding

We help you develop your personal GIS mission and brand.
Step 7

Step 8

Course 5 (Zoom w instructor)

Step 8

Step 9

Course 6 (Zoom w instructor)

Step 9

Launch your career

GIS recruiter introduction

We connect you to a recruiter and possible career opportunities.
Launch your career

Enter our online GIS program anytime.

It's a flexible program. Pick just one course or complete any 6 to earn your GIS certificate.

Geography and IT overlap
Focus your learning where the best GIS jobs are.

A common GIS education path has been to pursue a Masters program in GIS. But it’s widely known in the industry that new geography grads are not getting enough exposure to cloud, mobile, and new geospatial programming environments.

So we assembled a world class team to teach you how to be the talent that the geospatial industry WILL HIRE. Compare the experience of our industry instructors and you’ll see why we top the list of best online GIS certificate programs.

Unparalleled personal support in your GIS journey

Kiana’s student testimonial
  • We setup a career planner

    You will have a roadmap including prerequisites, courses, and networking.

  • We manage your software licensing

    You will have access to Open Source, Esri, and AWS environments.

  • We review your portfolio

    You will have a rich LinkedIn profile, resume, and video promotion.


"This was a complete program where instructors and staff always answered my questions. Awesome support."

Our career formula

Learn a blend of GIS/IT

Brand yourself with a focus

Network with the right people

"Because you are working with people in industry, it’s like having 6 internships in 6 months."

Talk to us and we’ll figure out your best path into the industry by suggesting project managers, companies, networks, and a GIS job recruiter. It's simply the best GIS career advisement in the world.


Knowledge Builder classes are asynchronous and can be started anytime. If you have purchased the Certificate Builder class, then you notify us when your project is complete for review and sign off.

If you take our Certificate Builder course, our instructors sign off on all project completions. When you complete any 6 courses, you will receive an Enterprise GIS Professional Certificate.

Accessing your expert instructor gives you added support during your project. Access is available in either the Professional Builder or Certificate Builder courses. You’ll get 2 personal 1:1 sessions to answer your questions and get advice.

All courses come complete with cloud and development environments. Some courses require special Enterprise Student licensing which is offered here at a cost of $100/year.