Setup AWS map services for wildfire assessments

In 2020 the total of wildfire burned acreage is 6.6 million acres in the Western States, which is the most in a single year since records have been kept. It's critical for organizations to quantify and plan for catastrophic events like fires. This course shows you how to setup an ArcGIS installation on AWS to house historical fire data to be used by regional stakeholders for fire planning.



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Setup AWS map services for wildfire assessments

Join this class to access 10 lessons that give you the ability to completely setup an AWS server hosting Esri map services containing imagery and wildfire data.

Draw Up a Plan

(aka Diagram your architecture)

Enter the Cloud

(aka Create an AWS account and create an EC2 instance)

The Cornerstone Apps

(aka Install ArcGIS Server, web adapter, and Notebook Server)

Enduser Apps

(aka Install ArcGIS Pro and Notebook Server)

Lock and Key

(aka Define your users and permissions)

Scrape Your Data

(aka Consume fire and imagery data from public sources)

You’re a Publisher

(aka Publish a public and private web service)

Create New Knowledge

(aka Analyze your data using ArcGIS Pro and Python)

Insurance Policy

(aka Implement a backup strategy)

Sharing Your Analysis

(aka Create a wildfire analysis notebook)

You also get access to these bonuses

Bonus 1:

List of wildfire data sources

Value $99


Bonus 2:

Resources for data wrangling

Value $159


Bonus 3:

Python server install script

Value $199


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What can you achieve with these AWS map service skills?

With these skills you will be equipped to setup an AWS server with an ArcGIS Enterprise deployment to perform analysis with publicly consumed data.

Become the GIS cloud architect

You will learn the AWS hosted environment.

Configure ArcGIS Enterprise

You will install, configure, and backup your applications.

Execute Python analysis on wildfire data

Consume REST services and run your scripts on public data.


About the Instructor


Aaron Kochman has a Master’s Degree in GIS Science from California State University – Long Beach and is currently the GIS Manager at the Fort Ord, CA cleanup.  He has worked on a variety of enterprise projects that have utilized UAVs, LiDAR, virtual reality, data science, and web architecture.  He has extensive experience with Esri products including ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Portal, ArcGIS Server, and ArcGIS Pro. As a private consultant, organizations rely on him to deploy cloud GIS serving architecture.

  • Why my course is useful

    Almost every organization relies on cloud architecture for all their data and applications. This course gives the IT person a grounding in the world of GIS data, applications, and analysis. And it gives the GIS person a grounding in the IT architecture offered through AWS.

  • Why I built it

    College was great, but I learned most of my technical skills outside of the college classroom. My experience was gained through trial and error and I sought out bootcamps and shortcourses to learn tech quickly. I’m excited about the future of GIS, cloud computing, and data science, and I’d like to inspire young talent around the globe to join this amazing career field.

  • What I hope for you

    You are about to be cross-trained with talents in IT/GIS/Cloud. I’m a great example where this talent quickly pushed me up the professional ladder. I’m confident that this portfolio item will get you a job!



Setup AWS map services for wildfire assessments

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