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Our goal is the same as your goal: to get you jobs for GIS. All of these students who pursued a GIS certificate online with us will tell you that this was a proactive experience. They learned GIS workflows that are competitive in the market. And they received support from our team to develop their skills, enhance their profile, articulate their professional goals, and get connected to a high level GIS network.

‘Responsive instructors who are industry driven’

GIS Student Reviews

3 key areas that matter to students. Did the GIS course teach me practical skills? Was the GIS instructor generous with their industry expertise? And was the Career Support staff responsive and effective? Here is a summary of the latest year’s GIS student reviews in these areas.



GIS Career Support

Student success

‘I was a beginner in GIS but my skills just skyrocketed by learning from GIS professionals.’

Erica F.

Degree: Psychology
Previous GIS: None
Job Acquired: San Diego Gas & Electric

‘I definitely learned more in the hands-on Bootcamp GIS courses than my 4 year geography degree.’

Casey C.

Degree: Geography
Previous GIS: 3 classes
Job Acquired: Ahtna Intertribal Resource Commission

‘Within 6 months I learned an entirely new skillset from the ground up.’

Daniel P.

Degree: History
Previous GIS: 1 class
Job Acquired: Pointerra3D

‘The staff guided me to the right people to connect with on Linkedin to land a job.’

Kiana Y.

Degree: Environmental Sci
Previous GIS: None
Job Acquired: YMCA

‘The instructors were great as they were super
easy to contact with any question.’

Danny P.

Degree: Geology
Previous GIS: ArcMap
Job Acquired: Laulea Engineering

‘My instructors were super friendly and willing to leverage their networks to benefit me.’

Luca V.

Degree: International Relations
Previous GIS: 2 free tutorials
Job Acquired: VHB

‘My job interviewers counted my industry based course projects as real job experience.’

Bhakti P.

Degree: Environmental Science
Previous GIS: None
Job Acquired: Michael Baker International

‘In an interview, I described my course project with AWS, GIS, and SQL server studio. They hired me to do this as my first job task.’

Jaysea J.

Degree: Environmental Science
Previous GIS: 2 GIS courses
Job Acquired: Bluewater GIS

‘In my job interview, invited me to talk through each of my Bootcamp GIS projects which I did enthusiastically.’

Sam J.

Degree: Geography
Previous GIS: 2 courses
Job Acquired: GeoCOMM

‘I used Bootcamp GIS to get all my GIS skills back up to date in the latest technologies and I’m recommending this to my Env Sci friends.’

Dustin F.

Degree: Environmental Science
Previous GIS: 2 courses
Job Acquired: NV5

‘I took 6 courses with no GIS beforehand but with the help of my instructors, I feel ready for the job market.’

Alex S.

Degree: Finance
Previous GIS: none
Job Acquired: TBD

Jonathan L.

Degree: Urban Planning
Previous GIS: ArcGIS Pro experience
Job Acquired:

Constantine P.

Degree: Natural Resources
Previous GIS: None
Job Acquired:

We are in an age where you can learn tech skills quickly and specifically. All of these students shopped around for a GIS Certification. They followed through with us to earn an Enterprise GIS online certificate in half the time and half the cost. We personally work with each student with the aim to create a lifetime relationship with each one of them as colleagues in the GIS industry.

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