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There are lots of ways to learn and build a new career

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Top 10 Sites to Learn GIS Free Online

These days there are lots of ways to learn tech outside of college.  We want to make all of our students aware of free resources to learn some of the fundamentals and GIS software.  We compiled our Top 10 sites where you can enroll in a GIS free training course online.

  • Esri

    Hey, they are the biggest GIS software manufacturer and they have lots of free tutorials on their software. They offer a very inexpensive Student Use license where you can get access to their vast suite of tools. ESRI's courses and certifications range all the way from beginner to advanced, and are designed to equip learners with both critical skills and credentials.

  • Geotech Center

    Do you need a refresher in the geographic fundamentals? The Geotech Center has free videos/data that get you up to speed on coordinate systems, cartography, and statistics. This is a good replacement for a GIS 101 textbook.

  • Bootcamp GIS

    Looking for the expedient path to a GIS career? Bootcamp GIS offers a free consultation to show show you the most marketable technologies and projects that should be on your portfolio. Take a free class and see if online project based courses are a good fit for you. The Enterprise GIS certificate plus career services is more practical for the student wanting to connect to industry professionals and get a job.

  • QGIS

    Want free everything? QGIS is Free Open Source Software (FOSS). So their community gives you both the software and tutorials. This is great for any student wanting to do their own course or pet projects to produce some geographic analysis. But this software won't be as widely marketable as the Esri software.

  • GISGeography

    We recommend GISGeography as a great resource for our students. This site is catered mainly to beginners and enthusiasts of GIS seeking a platform to gain news and insights. You can access tutorials, articles, and resources,and built in hyperlinks leading to step by step exercises.

  • The Geoholics

    Podcasts are now the entertainment and learning medium of choice and these guys choose interesting people and topics to focus their show. We've been on the show and it was delightful. Its great to hear industry experts, insights, and forecasts to build up your GIS business intelligence.


    We send our students with weaker coding and programing skills to this site since it offers many introductory videos and advanced tutorials ranging from using GRASS for remote sening applications to using it for programming purposes. It has international appeal as their content has been translated in several languages.

  • OSGeo

    This is another great Free Open Source site. Their list of developer projects could inspire you to use their code to develop your own OS application. They offer periodic classes hosted by one of the their contributors seeking to promote free GIS education resources.

  • Geography Realm

    This is a diverse geospatial news and resources site. Their tutorials section has a good variety. Our environmentally focussed students like the urban planning and watershed applications.

  • AnthroYeti

    Our last pick is a YouTube channel has some great videos on doing GIS for archaeological use-cases. Videos are the way we all learn these days and these are easy to follow. They use the QGIS software which you can download for free.

Want a Career in GIS?

Taking an intro course in any topic is a great way to gauge your interest in a career field.  But getting a GIS job is a competitive process.  Employers will want to see project experience and professional recommendations.  Today more than ever, it’s easier to create your opportunity to enter the tech world.  If you learn the latest skills, you can leap over others whose skills are outdated.  Talk to us and we can lay out a program and a strategy to learn and get connected to GIS industry professionals, groups, and companies. 

Learn by doing a project

Our project-based courses set us apart.  If you want an industry job, then learn from industry experts.
Learn Python / ArcServer to Setup a Property Tax Application

Learn Python / ArcServer to Setup a Property Tax Application

Leveraging UAV (drone) Data for Environmental Projects

Leveraging UAV (drone) Data for Environmental Projects

Setup AWS map services for wildfire assessments

Set up AWS map services for wildfire assessments

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