Build a stadium navigation app with Indoors GIS

Navigation is not just needed when driving a car. Now it can used to walk a complex path within a sports complex. Get ahead of the curve in the geospatial revolution with our immersive course on Indoor and 3D GIS. Indoor GIS manages geographic data within structures. From urban planning to facility management, these advanced techniques are transforming the way we interact with our surroundings. You will learn these cutting-edge technologies that are needed by engineering and urban planning firms. There is a bright future in using Indoors in conjunction with many IOT services that are controlled via location.

  • Review Indoor geospatial projects
  • Leverage ArcGIS indoors
  • Create a 3D-data project
  • Develop a network dataset
  • Design an indoor navigation system
  • Build a digital twin
  • Develop a spatial model of a 3D workflow
  • Perform data quality checks
  • Explore customized extensions

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Build a stadium navigation app with ArcGIS Indoors

Join this class to access 10 modules showing how to create indoors navigation.
Lets go inside

(aka Review the stadium usecase)

3D experience

(aka Connect Indoor, 3D, and digital twins)

Data dimensions

(aka Create data in 3D)

Connective tissue

(aka Build the network dataset)

Everything OK?

(aka Locate errors and fix)

Find your way

(aka Build the stadium navigation logic)

Let it work

(aka Automate the Indoor GIS processes)

Going online

(aka Publish your routing service )

Strive for perfection

(aka Perform data quality assurance)

What next?

(aka Customize your application with extensions)

You also get access to these bonuses

Stadium digital twin

Value $79

Spatial Model template

Value $159

ArcGIS Indoors workflow

Value $199

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Applied tasks using data and GIS software

Instructor Access

Instructor review and feedback on deliverables


Project sign off and college certification

What can you achieve with these new skills?

With these skills you’ll be able to build an indoor navigation service.
Create a digital twin

Build the 3D model for a stadium

Network a dataset

Create a dataset used for navigation

Publish the service

Share your navigation app to the web

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About the Instructor

Sri Krishna Murthy Hari has 12 years of experience as a GIS developer. He currently works at Beans.AI where he designs precision indoor location solutions. His groundbreaking contributions have earned him prestigious accolades such as Geospatial World 50 Rising Stars’23, xyHT 23 Young Geospatial Pros 23, and ESRI AEC GIS Hero 2023. Away from his professional pursuits, Sri Krishna is an avid sports enthusiast, with a particular love for badminton and cricket.

Build a stadium navigation app with ArcGIS Indoors

Who is this class for?

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