4 Marketable American Technical Certificates available worldwide

Technology has made it possible for individuals all over the world to receive credible certificates from the United States. You no longer have to travel 3000 miles for an expensive college education. The growing trend is for renowned American colleges to offer technical certificates to anyone in the world.  This brings high tech education to people in many developing countries.

Why a Career in Technology is Promising

Technological advancements have been driven by faster CPU processing, stronger cloud computing, easier development environments, and better data analysis models. More than ever, you have opportunities to quickly learn and adopt technology to promote your career growth. The introduction of computers since 1984 has caused not only a loss of several jobs in the market but also the creation of several more technical jobs. The World economic Forum predicts that automation will result in a net increase of 58 million jobs. Computer technology creates jobs in various fields such as programming, geographic information systems, computer aided design, animation, and digital marketing.

Technical Certificates that can be Obtained Overseas

  1. Certified data professional (CDP):  Every day, there is an ocean of new data being collected.  Analyzing data is a useful skill as it gives companies large insights on consumer behaviors. It has transformed the IT software sector and has made some companies like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn among the richest in the world. With a certification in CDP you can focus on specific roles, such as business analytics, data governance, enterprise data architecture, data analytics and data warehousing. Data science professionals earn an average of  $100,560. Dataquest offers a 24-week project-based data science program that involves “interactive coding challenges” to offer a more hands-on approach to teaching.
  1. Geographic Information systems (GIS): A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a framework that provides you with the tools to capture, analyze and display spatial and geographic data. With every mobile phone acting as a data collection device, 90% of all data is now connected to a location.  Without realizing it, you are using GIS multiple times per day for directions, supply chain purchasing, and vehicle routing. The digital maps that result from a GIS serve you as a customer in many applications: tracking your lost phone, crime mapping, status of your package delivery, and even monitoring food production.  It’s clear that a certificate in GIS can provide very marketable career opportunities. Bootcamp GIS offers an innovative GIS certificate using project-based learning rather than general academic courses.  
  1. Field data collection with UAV: Unmanned Aerial vehicles, i.e. drones  are a rapidly growing industry which have a projected $64B annual spend. UAVs are used in the military, commercial, government & law enforcement, and consumer applications. It also provides information on UAVs used in defense & security, agriculture, and academic research. Bootcamp GIS offers a hands-on UAV class that shows you how to be an expert in UAV technology and generate value for your environmental projects.
  1. Web developer: Web Developers design webpages, navigation, and user interfaces for websites. They use computer coding languages such as HTML, Javascript and CSS to enhance graphics and create functional web pages. Many web developers earn an associates degree in web development however, the most important aspect of becoming a successful web developer is the experience you acquire in using different authoring tools and extensions.. To learn more about a 12 week affordable web development course that teaches you hands-on experience see the certificates offered at General Assembly. They have a mature curriculum that has been around since the inception of bootcamp education.

Notable Technological Startups Created by International Students 

Many international students have created successful startups in America.  Till Hartwig, 24, and Till Kuehn, 23, international students founded TILL, an app that allows restaurants to sell food that did not sell at the end of the day at discounted prices. Hartwig and Kuehn were juniors at San Diego State University when they decided to launch the app using their web skills. They were exchange students initially that could not afford to become international students due to the high cost of education. They then decided to stay for one more semester at SDSU to launch their creative market idea. With hard work and perseverance they founded TILL. 

Some of the most notable startups in America have been founded by immigrants, some of them are:   

  1. Elon Musk , a South African immigrant who is now the richest man in the world, founded TESLA, the electric car company, Space x, the rockets responsible for Space explorations in Mars. 
  2. Noubar Afeyan is an Armenian entrepreneur, inventor and philanthropist. He is best known for co-founding the biotechnological company Moderna, which was responsible for creating the MRNA covid-19 vaccine in 2020. 
  3. Sergey Brin escaped the former Soviet Union, moving to America to avoid Jewish persecution at the hands of the Communist Party. A young computer enthusiast, Brin excelled in computer science he met future Google co-founder, Larry Page, and released the first version of Google in 1996.

Technology is a gift that has made interaction within communities, people and corporations simpler. Our generation has been given a gift to attain skills from the comfort of our living rooms. Higher education was once a privilege that not many could afford, but with growing bootcamps and credible certifications it has made it possible for everyone to gain knowledge and expertise in the field in which they wish to achieve their dreams.


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