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What is an online certificate?

Online technical certificates are the rage in education.  It’s because you can learn a program, skill, or a course with some validation within months instead of years.  These are offered by colleges or commercial education companies.  Certificate programs are often pragmatic because they teach skills in a very specific subject area. You could immediately use the skill after you graduate or within your current job. It is also more affordable than a traditional degree. You can find free access to some of the courses, or below we list several of the top online certificate courses in the most popular technical areas.  Shop these and find some excellent programs with a great return on investment to add to your portfolio. 

GIS Certificate Online: ​​Bootcamp GIS

Bootcamp GIS offers short courses covering techniques in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and geospatial technology. There are various project-based courses that you can choose from, including mapping with UAVs, Dashboards, Scripting, and more. This program is the industry’s best because project-based learning provides you with hands-on techniques that you can apply in your job immediately. Also, their courses are taught by industry practitioners. The price is among the lowest in this category with 3 tiers of pricing. You can see a program timeline on how to get your GIS Certificate online within 6 months and be competitive for growing GIS salaries.

Price: $5982
Duration: 6 months

Coding Program Online: Coursera

The benefit of choosing Coursera is because it suits people looking for various skills within a broad coding industry. There are 276 coding classes on Coursera, ranging from beginner-level to advanced. Courses are developed by companies like Google or are taught by faculty from famous universities like Duke University. Coursera is the best for coding learning because it offers a wide range of topics, which includes Java, Python, Swift, and Web design. Even if you have zero knowledge in programming, Coursera is a good starting point because it is comprehensive and self-paced. The price is attractive, as Coursera offers a seven-day free trial and financial aid. 

Price: $39/month
Duration: 8 months

Data Analyst Certificate Online: Microsoft Certified

Microsoft’s Data Analyst Associate Certification will help you develop all the necessary skills to clean up and transform data, create, and build data models. The most striking advantage is that, unlike other certification programs, there are no required learning classes.  Instead, if you think that you have gained the knowledge of data science, you can simply schedule and take the “Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI” exam. If you pass, you could earn the certification. This means that you can get your certificate in a very short period of time. They offer both free and paid classes, which you can check on the Microsoft website.

Price: $2545
Duration: 6 months

AI Program Online: Udacity

Udacity Learn Foundational AI Algorithms is a beginner-friendly course, which covers all the fundamentals of AI. The instructor is Sebastian Thrun, who is the founder of Udacity. Besides theory, you will learn how to solve real-world problems with AI like building an Adversarial Game Playing Agent. You’ll be prepared to start programming AI routines after you graduate. We recommend this course because there are mentors who will guide your learning and answer your questions. And this could be one of the easiest developer entry points as most colleges don’t yet have coursework that matches this program.

Price: $1197
Duration: 3 months

Cloud Certificate Online: Clarusway

AWS is the most popular Cloud platform and is a required skill for many database and IT administrator positions. Even if you are a novice, Clarusway AWS & DevOps Learning Path explains the key concepts to help you deploy a web application in Amazon Web Services (AWS). This course also combine with DevOps practices to enhance your tech skills. Clarusway instructors give you step by step video instructions. The course includes a total of 45 hands-on projects. After you complete the course, you will be capable of building your own web applications in AWS.

Price: $12,000
Duration: 6-9 months

Digital Marketing Certificate Online: Meta Marketing Analytics

Meta (Facebook) is one of the world giants of social media. Learning Meta Certified Marketing Science allows you to put into practice current business marketing practices that every company doing e-commerce needs.  This certificate will show your potential employers that you have current advertising skills.  One benefit of this program is that you can practice your new skills through hands-on projects, like optimizing marketing campaigns using Meta Ads. Your study results will be added to a portfolio, which you can share with a future employer.

Price: $49/month
Duration: 5 months

Conclusion – Technical certificates are great value to stay current

The online technical certificate has become the most efficient and flexible way to upskill your portfolio.  Many companies are either sending their staff to these modern education platforms or hiring students that have demonstrated project skills upon graduation.  We have given you our picks for the 6 best certificate programs in GIS, Coding, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, and Digital Marketing. Any one of these programs can offer you a career changing experience.

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