Younger generation of tech talent
Tech courses are more available at younger ages

A Younger Generation Of Tech Talent

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the demand for tech employees to skyrocket as nearly a third of critical positions remain unfilled after five months. Combined with an astronomical increase of tech spending on software, cloud computing, and cloud storage, companies are racing to discover tech talents before their competitors. As parents, we are starting to learn that early exposure to technology can lead to a mastery of tech skills far beyond the average learning curve. This is evident in the numerous coding bootcamps now available to your kids in an effort to satisfy the demand for tech talent.

Gen Z Gen Z consumes education differently

Your kids are likely Gen Z.  They have only known our world with digital communications and devices. Developmentally appropriate technology is integrated into their school curriculums from as young as kindergarten. Generation Z are experts at absorbing information and multitasking, necessitated by the technological evolution of industry. As a technologically savvy group, GenZ can obtain and process information faster than traditional education institutions can convey. Exposure to accelerated learning programs such as bootcamp education can be pivotal for the professional development of this digital generation. Technology will be forever integrated into their lives and along with this comes the business demand for young tech talent.

The key concerns of college student parents

As parents of Generation Z, we have the worry of rising tuition and the quadrupling of student debt. As millennial parents, we have growing skepticism on the true value of higher education. An extra year of college or unemployment is disastrous with accumulated debt. The opportunity cost of going to college unprepared drives many parents to accelerate their children’s learning ahead of the expected curve. Learning a technical skill sooner gives more opportunities for part time jobs, internships, and shorter unemployment times after graduation.  This race to be career prepared is a phenomenon that is worldwide.  In the US, we enjoy a wider selection of disciplines to search through to find our kid’s passion.  At the same time, we want them to be successful and technical careers are an obvious choice. 

High school graduate tech bootcamp case study

Intrigued by technology, a large portion of generation Z is hooked on video games. Sharing this fascination was Jordan Giustizia, a graduate of Juno’s web development bootcamp in 2016. Developing game projects as a hobby in high school, Jordan felt like the traditional education path clashed with his passions and interests. Additionally, the financial burdens of a computer science degree seemed unfeasible. Upon his graduation from high school, Jordan joined a 9 week tech bootcamp guided by practical educators and portfolio building projects. Only 3 months later, Jordan accepted a position as a web developer for an agency in Toronto.  Jordan proves that college and debt is not for everyone.

Stellar tech bootcamp options

Here is a list of technical bootcamps targeting teens among a growing list.  Try one and see if it lights up your child’s passion.

Bootcamp GIS – Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is much more common than you think.  Everyone’s seen the COVID map but there are other amazing map applications in climate, renewable energy, national security, and habitat protection.  They have a 6 course online program that earns you a GIS certificate with lots of GIS career resources.

IDtech offers excellent options for teens looking to learn robotics, with most of their camps lasting for about one to two weeks.

Girls who Code is a nonprofit that serves high school girls in STEM. Their free summer immersion program teaches students computer science skills to prepare for a future in tech.

Community AI is a non-profit that holds free AI camps where students use AI to help the community and environment. Although 2021’s AI camp slot is already complete, you can register for future camps here.

Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI) is run by Google as a 4-week computer science introductory program for graduating high school seniors.  Apply with an online essay and learn from people in one of the most innovative companies in the world.


Degrees aren’t going away.  One interviewed CEO said ‘The best situation is to get a college degree but complete a technical certification.  You’ll mature as an individual and have marketable skills.’  This threading of technical skills in your education path is now almost mandatory.  By exploring early opportunities for accelerated tech education, younger generations can save both time and money.  Many of the tech skills in demand are best learned from industry practitioners that are invested and excited to share their wisdom. To alleviate the heavy demand for tech talent, companies are placing less weight on college degrees and instead stressing the importance of attitude, knowledge, and skills. If we as parents cultivate these attributes, our kids may have a shortcut to gainful careers.

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