Working from home / remote job increase

Digital connectivity continues to increase with a variety of enabled devices, more communication platforms, and higher bandwidths.  This directly impacts how the working sector will do its future business.  One of the key areas is the acceptance of doing your job from home. Since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, industries have proven that they can be just as productive with a remote workforce. Working remotely gives businesses the advantage of outreaching for more qualified candidates. It also gives potential employees the ability to broaden their job search to companies that are not within commuting distance. Remote work holds plenty of new opportunities and new management challenges as it continues to be implemented. Here are a few trends with further insights in the GIS Jobs Report, 2023.

Le travail à distance est devenu de plus en plus courant dans divers secteurs d’activité, et le secteur des casinos en ligne ne fait pas exception à la règle. De nombreux employés de casinos en ligne travaillent désormais à distance, grâce aux progrès de la technologie et à l’évolution des environnements de travail. Cette évolution a permis aux casinos en ligne tels que de puiser dans un réservoir de talents plus large, car les employés peuvent désormais travailler de n’importe quel endroit disposant d’une connexion Internet. L’un des principaux avantages du travail à distance pour les casinos en ligne est la flexibilité qu’il offre. Les employés peuvent gérer leur emploi du temps plus efficacement, ce qui se traduit par une augmentation de la productivité et de la satisfaction au travail. Cette flexibilité profite également aux casinos eux-mêmes, puisqu’ils peuvent fonctionner 24 heures sur 24 avec des membres du personnel situés dans des fuseaux horaires différents.

Remote jobs for developers

Application developers are important to the majority of working sectors. Developers code and maintain their applications which often requires a remote login to servers or accessing shared code repositories in the cloud.  These jobs have continued with very little impact of having a distributed workforce. Therefore, this job falls perfectly under asynchronous work conditions. So the question is ‘Will this workforce come back to a central office?’ Individual developers who have already been working remotely will not likely be lured to any positions which require them to move, increase travel time, or deal with traffic. 

So it becomes a very immediate decision by the CEO’s of companies to determine how much they will reign in their staffs. Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, stated “Twitter employees can now work from home forever” after the pandemic our way of working worldwide. This is a sign that there will be an immediate increase in remote work for developers in progressive industries like BioTech or FinTech.  The BIG QUESTION: it remains to be seen how other industries like Education, Healthcare, and Civilian Government will follow suit. 

Remote technical support jobs

Another prominent workforce is technical support staff.  Technical support focuses on supporting customers who use their products.  It could be a Cox Cable problem or an Insurance billing problem.  Customers or employees communicate with technical support through the phone in order to resolve any network issues that they might be experiencing. Since the majority of technical support work is asynchronous already, remote work has steadily increased by 50% after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, offshore tech support is on the rise as it brings more revenue than onshore. In 2018 offshore tech support generated $62 billion in comparison to a regular BPO generating $23.6 billion.  The BIG QUESTION: will new technical support staff be employed domestically or will this drive a demand for more offshore tech support companies.

Remote jobs in digital marketing

The role of a digital marketer, is key in online advertising as they use various methods to make customers aware of a company’s brand. Digital marketers are in charge of managing social media accounts for the company as well as their personal company page, keeping customers up to date through email communication, maintaining public relations, gaining more online traffic to the company page through digital advertising, and analyzing/ reporting on the page insights to make sure the marketing is successful.

Digital marketing became even more important during the pandemic as companies had to figure out a way to reinvent themselves because of the lack of physical presence due to social distancing. There has been a dramatic increase in digital marketing remote jobs as companies noticed the success of their digital branding during the COVID-19 shutdown, such as a 247% increase in Shopify promotion experts and 174% for Facebook promoters.

GIS Architect or GIS Administrator jobs can be done remotely

The power user every organization covets is the GIS Analyst that can fix data, manage databases, and push map services to cloud applications.  They typically have skills using Python and relational databases on the data side.  And they also have to know how to manage cloud architecture and configure Esri ArcGIS Server to leverage geographic applications to large audiences. 

Like all other jobs on this list, this employee can do this job remotely. They will be in a position to ask for more remote positions if they wish, as GIS has a high career potential. The BIG QUESTION:  This skill set is largely learned on the job so will leading colleges provide more education to provide this GIS power skill set that combines GIS software, Python scripting, and AWS cloud hosting.  GIS certificate programs online offer a more efficient choice to save time and money.

Remote jobs in cloud security computing

Cloud administrator are in a great position to name their ticket.  They can work remotely.  And they must know a lot about business operations so organizations tend to want these human resources closer than overseas.  They are in charge of creating and maintaining the network connection related to cloud computing resources. 

Many companies have noticed the improvement of their cybersecurity as they are able to hire a more diverse and knowledgeable team through remote jobs.  The BIG QUESTION:  There are not enough cloud architects so how will companies be able to reduce the risk of losing talent especially if their cloud architect can easily accept a position with someone else.

Consider learning new skills

We believe that there should be webinars broadcasted to all college students who will be the future workforce.  They need to know where they stand as they ready themselves to become employed in a new age.  Some things to have in mind before an interview:

  1. Are you willing to work remotely or in the office as the company decides?
  2. Are you willing to accept different pay scales in the event your remote work location has a lower cost of living than another employee with the same job and experience?
  3. Are you willing to evolve to different technical tasks than those within your current educational background?
  4. Are you willing to complete online technical certificates to keep pace with the dynamic tech industry?

Take notice of the trends and patterns in the working sector as we transition into a new era of remote working. There are endless opportunities as there is a variety of jobs available without worrying about distance in commuting. It is important to demonstrate your remote work skills through applications such as zoom, agile, calendly, or even home A/V setups as a new resume skill set. Even better, show your future employer that you have personally gained a new skill through online certifications which makes you easy to manage when new digital learning requirements are given.

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